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Hi! I’m Dani Christensen, owner and photographer of Dani Christensen Photography. Welcome to my site!

Dani Christensen Photography started in Logan, Utah and after moving to various parts of Utah and all the way to Omaha, Nebraska for a few years, I am now back to my Cache Valley roots!  I still love to travel so make sure to contact me for info on covering your event!

Take a look around the site and let me know if there’s anything I can do for you!

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Baby P || Logan, Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

June 20th, 2017

Sweet baby P was the perfect little one for her shoot.  She is totally one of those babies who always looks happy with a sweet little smile.  So fun on a newborn! Her nursery was perfect for her pics.  And her mom’s wedding dress was the perfect back drop for the end of our session.  I loved the lifestyle approach for this session.  Just a baby, her parents, and their dog.  It was perfect.

Logan Utah Photographer_4651.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4644.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4645.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4643.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4646.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4647.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4648.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4649.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4642.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4650.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4652.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4654.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4655.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4653.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4656.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4657.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4658.jpg


Abbi + Jake || Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

June 12th, 2017

Abbi and Jake’s engagement session was pure perfection.  We had so much fun.  These two had great ideas for their session. I always love going to places with meaning.  For these two, it’s the dock where they danced at night together, and a baseball field because he loves the game.  We even tried for a nice campfire….but the spring rain made that impossible.  We still faked it though, and it was the perfect way to end the session.  Can’t wait for the wedding!

Logan Utah Photographer_4618.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4609.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4610.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4613.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4623.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4621.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4614.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4615.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4616.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4617.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4619.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4624.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4620.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4625.jpg


Spring Mini Highlights || Logan, Utah Child Photographer

June 11th, 2017

Back in the spring (I’m super behind on blogging), I did a fun mini session day.  It was great to get kids in for a quick session in their cute spring clothes.  I love the idea of doing quarterly mini sessions for kids, especially young ones, to capture a variety of their ever changing looks.  These kids all rocked their sessions.  Here are a few of my favs!!

Logan Utah Photographer_4639.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4638.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4640.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4641.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4636.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4637.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4635.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4632.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4634.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4633.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4631.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4629.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4630.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4628.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4627.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4626.jpg


Miss Laila || Logan, Utah Newborn Photographer

June 10th, 2017

I absolutely loved getting Miss Laila in for her studio newborn session.  She is so teeny tiny, and just such a perfect babe! I especially loved seeing here mama completely in love with this new babe.  Melissa has completely embraced her new role as a mama, and Laila’s daddy was pretty smitten, too.  I’m so excited to watch this little one grow!

Logan Utah Photographer_4692.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4678.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4679.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4680.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4681.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4682.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4684.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4685.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4683.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4687.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4686.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4688.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4690.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4691.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4689.jpg


B Family || Logan, Utah Family Photographer

June 9th, 2017

It’s a pretty lucky day when I get to shoot some of my favorite people in the world! And they just happen to be this cute family – my sister, brother in law, and nieces.  Mo has the best style, so I love getting these guys in front of the camera.  The girls brought along their American Girl Dolls for a little mini shoot at the end too – it was so cute.  Can’t wait to see these on the walls in their new, amazing dream home!!

Logan Utah Photographer_4664.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4662.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4675.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4670.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4665.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4667.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4668.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4669.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4663.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4671.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4672.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4673.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4674.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4676.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4677.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4666.jpg