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Dani Christensen Photography started in Logan, Utah and after moving to various parts of Utah and all the way to Omaha, Nebraska for a few years, I am now back to my Cache Valley roots!  I still love to travel so make sure to contact me for info on covering your event!

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August 19th, 2014


Haylee || Logan, Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

May 7th, 2017

Our family is so lucky to have met Haylee.  I’ve learned in business that my life just goes much more smooth when I have help.  Enter —-> Haylee.  My lifesaver.  She’s my mother’s helper and is a big reason I can get the things done I need to with my business and home.  We love having her over a few times a week so I can edit and catch up on emails or tackle the laundry piles (and dish piles… and everything else) that have built up while I’m working!

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Haylee. She is beautiful, and has great goals after high school.  I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes… but I am sad that may include her leaving the valley! We will enjoy her around our home while she’s here though.

Congrats on graduating, Haylee! We love you!

Logan Utah Photographer_4499.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4501.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4500.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4502.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4503.jpg
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Emmaline || Logan, Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

May 2nd, 2017


Emmaline is a beautiful, talented, amazing girl.  She’s also really weird.  And she also happens to be my sister.  Emmaline has had great high school years – she’s done everything from served in student body leadership positions, seminary council, and has been the captain of the lacrosse team for the last two years.  She’s moving on to Southern Virginia University with scholarships in cheer and academics.  She’ll be playing lacrosse for them, too!! Busy girl – but so talented at everything she does.  But I’m glad she’s moving across the country… NOT.  And neither are her nephews.  Auntie Slime is their favorite, and we are definitely gonna miss her!!

Logan Utah Photographer_4487.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4488.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4489.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4486.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4485.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4490.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4497.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4496.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4498.jpg


Sabrina + Josh || Logan Temple and Riter Mansion Wedding

April 29th, 2017

In over nine years of doing wedding photos, I’m excited to announce that I have now had an Army wedding with SABERS!!! But really, so neat and it brought that special little element to Sabrina and Josh’s wedding day.

Another one of my favorite moments from this beautiful wedding was the dance the bride and groom shared with their parents.  Daddy daughter dances always get me since I lost my dad to cancer when I was a teenager, but Josh’s dance with his mom was equally as beautiful as Sabrina dancing with her father. You always hear the saying that you should observe how a man treats his mother to know what kind of man he is – and if that’s the case, Sabrina picked an amazing man to marry! Josh and his mom were so sweet to watch, especially next to Sabrina and her dad sharing similar tears and smiles. Everything about their wedding was elegant and beautiful. These two are so perfect together, and I’m so excited for them!

Logan Utah Photographer_4466.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4461.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4463.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4462.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4464.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4465.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4472.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4470.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4480.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4481.jpg


Rachel + Derek Engagements || Cache Valley Wedding Photographer

April 28th, 2017

Rachel and Derek were a dream to photograph!! Candid, natural photos are really the style right now, but a big part of being able to get those is allowing yourself to act “candid” during the session.  It’s so hard to be comfortable in front of the camera… I get it!! I’m the same way.  These two nailed it.  They were relaxed during their session, and allowed it to be a fun experience.  I feel like we really captured their playful energy together.  They are so in love, and I can’t wait for their Idaho wedding in a few more weeks!

Logan Utah Photographer_4392.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4394.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4403.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4407.jpg


Miss Katie One Year || Logan, Utah Photographer

April 27th, 2017

Lil Miss Katie is almost one, so of course we needed to do a little session for her! She is definitely a sweet, happy little girl.  I love her little teeth that poke through in some of the pictures.  She’s such a little sweetheart!  Happy First Birthday, Katie!

Logan Utah Photographer_4422.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4420.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4421.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4424.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4423.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4425.jpg