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Hi! I’m Dani Christensen, owner and photographer of Dani Christensen Photography. Welcome to my site!

Dani Christensen Photography started in Logan, Utah and after a bit of moving around, I’m happy to be staying put here in Cache Valley! I specialize in family, children, and high school senior photography with comfortable posing, an easy atmosphere, and an enjoyable experience!

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Logan + Evan || Logan, Utah Lifestyle Engagement Photographer

February 19th, 2018

Wedding fever is in the air in my family!! First, Emmaline and Jake, and now Logan and Evan!! I am so excited to welcome Logan into our family.  There are already 7 of us sisters, but Logan will be our first sister-in-law in this crazy group of mine.

Evan and Logan met in singles ward and hit it off pretty quick (minus the part where Evan stole her parking spot…. that was her first impression of him…sounds about right….). These two are perfect for each other, and it’s pretty obvious for anyone who knows them. Logan is so refreshing to be around because of her youthful energy and kind heart.  She is so sweet and caring and definitely brings out a fun side of Evan.

These two wanted to do a lifestyle session for their engagements, so we borrowed our Aunt and Uncles house for this session. I’ve never done a lifestyle session for engagements before, so I loved being able to do something new for my brother’s shoot. I think they turned out amazing, and can’t wait to get these two back in front of my camera for their formals!

Logan Utah Photographer_5330.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5319.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5320.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5321.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5318.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5323.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_5339.jpg


Zoey and Ezra Baptism || Logan, Utah Photographer

January 18th, 2018

I love this time of year for my business.  Because it’s kind of the down time for family shoots and weddings, I get to focus a lot of milestone sessions that can’t wait for warmer months.  Baptisms, newborns, lifestyle sessions… I do a lot more of these right now.  Ezra and Zoey were the first of my baptism shoots this month.  I remember watching these two in our church meeting when they were brand new.  I sat there very pregnant with my first baby thinking of how cool it was that these two had each other.  Twins always sounded fun to me!! Now these little ones are almost 8 years old and getting ready for baptism!

Working with Ezra and Zoey together was so sweet.  They are adorable together and definitely have that “twin” thing going on.  They can make each other laugh on demand, and they were so funny with each other. When I did the pictures of them individually, they were both pretty shy.  But once they were together, they loosened up and just kept giggling.  It was so tender, and I loved doing this session with them!

Logan Utah Photographer_5293.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5294.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5292.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5286.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5285.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5288.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5291.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5287.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5289.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5295.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5290.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5296.jpg


Baby Kate Lifestyle Session || Logan, Utah Newborn Photographer

January 16th, 2018

I was so excited to meet baby Kate for her session! Her momma is one of my good friends from our days of being student wives at Creighton in Omaha, Nebraska.  Now we’re both back in Utah and both have baby girls to add to our broods of boys…. except Laura has THREE boys before getting her lil princess finally! It was fun to see her girly girl room, and I loved watching Laura cuddling her lady. It was great to stop by and do these quick pictures for them!

Logan Utah Photographer_5284.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5280.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5283.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5281.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5282.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5278.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5277.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5276.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5274.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5275.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5279.jpg


H Family Station Studio Shoot || Logan, Utah Photographer

December 20th, 2017

I met Kim and Chris through our ward at church, and this is a family I’m grateful we live by! They probably don’t know this, but Chis has always stood out to me at church.  He was a primary teacher when I was the pianist in the primary, and I would watch every Sunday as Chris would take the time to give special attention to one of his class members who had a hard time sitting through the three hours of church (let’s be honest…. who doesn’t have a hard time sitting through three hours of church?!).  Chris was so patient with this little one, and it was very tender to watch.  Kim and I have become fast friends since our little girls are really close in age and going through all those “fun” stages together.  One of the first times we talked was while we were both out in the hall during sacrament because of said one year olds.  Holland, my daughter, had her bottle with her.  Maia, Kim’s daughter, kept eying it.  Holland walked over towards Maia holding out her bottle as if she were going to share it.  As Maia reached for it, Holland chucked it away.  Such a little brat – but they’ve been lil friends since then! They get into all sorts of trouble together every Sunday and go on nap strikes together, too.    It will be fun to watch them grow together!

Kim wanted to get some family pictures, but with how cold it is we though it best to rent out Station Studio for the shoot! And it was perfect!! Coupled with the most adorable lil outfits on the girls, everything came together well! I am in love with the fact that we have such an amazing studio to use in the valley now for indoor photos so no more freezing cold babies and rescheduling for bad weather!  This was such a perfect session and I’m completely in love with all these pictures!!!

Logan Utah Photographer_5266.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5247.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5249.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5251.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5250.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5253.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5254.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5248.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5252.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5257.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5258.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5259.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5256.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5261.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5255.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5262.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5264.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5265.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5263.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5260.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5267.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5268.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5269.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5270.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5271.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5273.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5272.jpg


Emmaline + Jake ENGAGED!!!! || Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

November 28th, 2017

After being in business for over 10 years, I FINALLY get to use everything I’ve learned to do photos for one of my younger siblings!! (I have 7…. this is a big deal, guys!!!) I have been waiting to do this for a long time,  and I was so stoked when Jake asked me to be a part of Emmaline’s engagement proposal.  Jake surprised her with his proposal during a photoshoot we were doing with the two of them (even after he accidentally told her that was the plan and then we had to convince her he wasn’t going through with it).  It was so fun crying behind the camera to get to be there for such a special moment in Slime’s life (her name is Emmaline to everyone else…. Slime to us in the family).  Jake was so sweet an romantic, and definitely nailed the proposal!  He told her shortly after they met that he would win her over, and he has.  He’s awesome!!

I shot video during the actual proposal, so I don’t have lots of pictures of that part, but we celebrated by taking some more actual engagement pictures after!! I can’t wait for all the wedding planning and for having another brother-in-law in the family!! The boys are seriously outnumbered in our family, so it’s always good to get some more boys around! I love you Emmaline and Jake!!

Logan Utah Photographer_5218.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5217.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5213.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5214.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5219.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5215.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5220.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5223.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5222.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5225.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5224.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5221.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5226.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5227.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5228.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5229.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5230.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5231.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5232.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5233.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5234.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5235.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5237.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5236.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5238.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5239.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5240.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5241.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5242.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5243.jpg

Logan Utah Photographer_5244.jpg

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