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August 19th, 2014


Caitlyn + Dallas Engagements || Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

March 4th, 2017

It’s always fun on the car rides in the canyon to figure out the 1 degree of separation between you and your client… HA! I had no idea when we started Caitlyn and Dallas’ engagement session that my step dad and Dallas’ dad are really good friends! And Dallas knows a handful of my little siblings (yes…there are that many of them).  I loved getting to know these two during their session.  Caitlyn’s quiet and kind personality and Dallas’ go get em attitude perfectly compliment each other.  They are so sweet together, and I loved capturing that during their session.  We had fun scouting out some new places along the side of the road with accessible parking… thank you Logan Canyon for never disappointing! Loved working with these two!

Logan Utah Photographer_4323.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4319.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4318.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4320.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4321.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4324.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4322.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4326.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4325.jpg


Megan + Dayton Formals || Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

March 3rd, 2017

This was one of the most beautiful formal sessions I have ever shot.  And it wasn’t just because Megan and Dayton and a striking couple.  In an LDS temple sealing, “traditional” vows are not exchanged. These two decided that they still wanted the opportunity to put down on paper their thoughts and feelings for one another and share them during their formal session. (PS: so glad the videographer was there to capture what are truly the most heart felt vows I’ve ever heard!) After the first look, these two made promises and commitments to each other in a very personal and intimate setting, and it set the tone for this session. Their love is undeniable. Can’t wait for their Salt Lake Temple wedding next week!!

Logan Utah Photographer_4327.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4328.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4329.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4330.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4332.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4333.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4334.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4336.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4337.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4335.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4338.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4339.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4340.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4341.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4343.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4345.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4346.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4344.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4347.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4348.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4349.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4331.jpg


Rachael + Allen || Salt Lake Temple Wedding Photographer

February 13th, 2017

Rachael is officially a Kennedy, and I’m pretty sure she couldn’t be happier about it! Rachael and Allen were perfect to work with at their formals, and were even more in love and happy on their wedding day! Rachael’s smile was permanent on her face all day, and Allen was all heart yes for Rachael.  Their families were equally happy for their beautiful children, and their siblings all had a great day. I loved the shots in the JSM building, especially since it gave us a little moment of warmth for the day 🙂

The Logan Country Club reception was perfectly planned and beautiful. The shots on the golf course were a must have for the couple, and I’m glad we could squeeze them in before the light was all gone.  Rachael was my neighbor for a year or two, and I can’t believe she’s all grown up and a wife! Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy!

Logan Utah Photographer_4274.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4275.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4276.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4277.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4278.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4279.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4280.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4282.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4281.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4283.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4284.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4285.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4287.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4289.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4288.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4292.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4293.jpg


Morgan + Kaleb || Logan Temple Wedding Photographer

February 12th, 2017

Morgan literally counted down the days to this wedding on social media.  And I loved seeing her excitement and being there to see it all come together on the wedding day! Kaleb and Morgan (and their families!) have been so enjoyable to work with. These two are easy to photograph because they love being close to each other. They enjoy each other.  And they love each other. Despite freezing temperatures, their day was perfect.  I’ve literally never seen two families more excited to be gaining a daughter and son, and that alone was so beautiful. It helped that Morgan comes from a family of all girls, and Kaleb a family of all boys.  I think their mama’s were literally just as excited for this day!

The reception was perfect. Morgan’s aunt, Terri, is one of the amazing florists at Dahlia’s here in the valley.  That combined with Morgan and her mom’s vision of the reception, it couldn’t have been more beautiful. They made the hexagon and decorated it with gorgeous flowers.  And the light box! Oh my gosh! Elyse (Morgan’s mom) showed it to me when we trick-or-treated at her house back in October.  It’s so neat! It can be customized and is for rent along with the hexagon at Dahlias.  Everything was so unique and perfectly planned.  I’m grateful I not only got a chance to work with these two, but to become friends with them and their families.  Such a fun wedding!! Logan Utah Photographer_4261.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4255.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4256.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4257.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4258.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4259.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4260.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4263.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4266.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4262.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4268.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4264.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4271.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4272.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4270.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4269.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4273.jpg


Megan + Joseph || Logan, Utah Photographer

February 11th, 2017

Joseph and Megan have such a fun story of finding each other, and I’m glad they did. Their session was so fun.  Like many couples, they were totally unsure of “what to do” at first.  I get lots of couples who ask if I will pose them, and my answer to that is “YES!” My second answer to that question though is that couples will totally know what to do by the end of the session, and that’s how Joseph and Megan were. When a session starts, I try and start to get everyone comfortable and do photos looking at each other or with eyes closed.  Nothing looking at the camera yet.  Once we get comfortable with that, we start adding in some pictures looking towards me too.  My goal for engagements is to capture real emotion and movement though, but I do help my couples “set it up.”

Megan and Joseph totally got into their session. They were willing to try anything, and even had some great ideas too! Their traditional look was so perfect for the greenery up Logan Canyon. So timeless, and I love that. Can’t wait to see how their wedding turns out!

Logan Utah Photographer_4252.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4249.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4242.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4244.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4245.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4246.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4247.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4243.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4251.jpg
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