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Hi! I’m Dani Christensen, owner and photographer of Dani Christensen Photography. Welcome to my site!

Dani Christensen Photography started in Logan, Utah and after a bit of moving around, I’m happy to be staying put here in Cache Valley! I specialize in family, children, and high school senior photography with comfortable posing, an easy atmosphere, and an enjoyable experience!

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Emma || Logan, Utah Baptism Photographer || Utah State Capitol Blossoms

April 25th, 2018

Emma is such a sweet little girl! I’ve done quite a few shoots with Miss Emma over the years, but it was fun to do this one and just focus on her and her special baptism day! Her mom requested some blossom pictures, so we waited until after Emma’s baptism so we could capture the cherry blossoms at the capitol.  I’ve never shot there with the blossoms, and it was definitely a crazy experience with people everywhere, but Emma rocked her session.

Emma is definitely a tender hearted little girl.  But she’s also strong, and an amazing little gymnast! She did a great job putting her own little twists to each of the poses I gave her.  My favorites though – definitely the twirling ones in front of the capitol! She’s so fun to take pictures of, and I loved working with her again for this shoot!

Logan Utah Photographer_5462.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5463.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5464.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5466.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5467.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5468.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5465.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5470.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5469.jpg



Derrick + Ausha + Arya || Utah State Captiol Blossom Photos

April 13th, 2018

There’s a reason the blossoms at the Capitol are such a big deal!! They are GORGEOUS!!! I never noticed how many trees lined the building. But once you see them all in bloom, you realize they’re everywhere! So many people were there enjoying the beautiful evening and stunning tree path, but we were able to find a few spots for pictures.  Lil Miss Arya was to DIE for during this session.  Literally the epitome of a little girl – she was twirling, dancing, jumping, running…. pretty much like Rapunzel in Tangled. It was so fun. Every picture of her shows so much emotion and happiness.  She was perfect.  I always love working with her parents, too! Derrick’s proposal to Ausha a few years ago was the first engagement proposal I ever got to shoot. So every time I get to work with them, I think about how their whole little family started in that one moment.  It’s fun.  And this shoot was fun!  Now… if only we can get Cache Valley to start blooming….

Logan Utah Photographer_5441.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5442.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5440.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5443.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5444.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5445.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5446.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5447.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5448.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5449.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5450.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5451.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5452.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5453.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5454.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5455.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5456.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5457.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5458.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5459.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5460.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5461.jpg



Katie + Chris + All the Cute Kids || Logan, Utah Family Photographer || Blacksmith Fork Canyon Fall

April 13th, 2018

Every time I take pictures of Katie and her family, it’s like showing up to a professional family model shoot.  These kids kill me – their pictures are always some of my favorites for the year.  They always come looking so fashionable and cute, and totally bring the smolders and sweetness to their shoot. Katie found some great places to take their pics last fall up Blacksmith Fork Canyon.  I love living right by this canyon – it’s fun to go up and explore all the new uncharted (to me) places.  I can’t wait for spring to hit it so we can start shooting there again soon!!

Logan Utah Photographer_5411.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5413.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5414.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5417.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5418.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5416.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5412.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5415.jpg



Lisa + Newton || Logan, Utah Engagements

March 18th, 2018

I hate Cache Valley right now (I type as I sadly stare outside at the blizzard).  So to take my mind off it, I’ve been blogging some of the sessions from warmer days.  We quite literally chased the sun light for Lisa and Newton’s engagement session last fall.  We were shooting at one of my normal spots up Blacksmith Fork when I looked and saw the golden rays across the street….and up a hill…. So naturally we literally ran over to catch them before the sun hid behind the mountain.  And it was totally worth the exercise! Look how amazing, and WARM these pictures look! Shooting with Lisa and Newton was heart warming, too.  They were definitely so in love and having fun hanging out together for the evening.  I can’t wait to get back all the golden light soon!!

Logan Utah Photographer_5398.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5397.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5399.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5404.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5402.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5401.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5400.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5403.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5405.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5407.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5408.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5406.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5409.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5410.jpg


Jesse || Logan, Utah Senior Portraits Photographer

March 17th, 2018

Jesse is one of those kids who is just pure fun to work with.  I’ve known her family for a few years, but I don’t think I ever got to really meet Jesse until the day of our shoot.  When we started talking at the beginning of the session about the style she was going for, I was instantly excited to get started.  Jesse really wanted to show her own unique personality in her shoot, and she totally brought it.  I love that she was a little shy when we got started, but was totally having fun with it by the end. I think we were completely able to capture Jesse in a way that is true and authentic to who she is, and I’m glad I got to work with her for her senior session!

Logan Utah Photographer_4591.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4593.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4594.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4592.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4595.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4597.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4589.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4586.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4587.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4588.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4590.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4596.jpg