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Hi! I’m Dani Christensen, owner and photographer of Dani Christensen Photography. Welcome to my site!

Dani Christensen Photography started in Logan, Utah and after moving to various parts of Utah and all the way to Omaha, Nebraska for a few years, I am now back to my Cache Valley roots!  I still love to travel so make sure to contact me for info on covering your event!

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Sri + Parker || Cache Valley Lifestyle Photographer

October 17th, 2017

Guys. This session had me so excited from the moment Sri approached me to do it. We were chatting earlier this year at Abbi and Jake’s wedding, and Sri brought up that she wanted to do a First Year Anniversary shoot with her husband, Parker. But she didn’t just want a portrait shoot. She wanted more of a lifestyle feel and also wanted to include her wedding dress in some of the pictures. I told Sri I thought Station Studio would be the perfect place for her shoot, and to contact me when they were ready to do it.

Fast forward a while later and Sri set it up!! I love doing shoots that are different from my typical sessions because it gets my creativity flowing. I enjoyed doing doing some research (read: pinterest searching) before this shoot to get some good ideas of how all the amazing lifestyle photographers work with couples to get the most real shots. I had some ideas in mind, but I knew a lot of it would depend on how open and comfortable Sri and Parker were in front of the camera. And man, did they KILL it!! These two were a dream to work with. But it wasn’t because they were good at modeling – it was because they are completely in love with each other and weren’t affraid to show it for the camera. And I’m in love with what were able to capture because of it!! It was sooooo much fun, and these two were the perfect couple to do a session like this with. I loved the whole day!

Logan Utah Photographer_4963.jpg
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Sadie – Tony Grove || Logan, Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

August 29th, 2017

Sadie’s senior portrait session was so much fun.  We had been chatting quite a bit before her session to get her prepared, and I was so excited to meet her in person.  Sadie lives in Missouri, but wanted her Senior portraits to stand out and be unique from the rest of her high school class.  She decided to have them done in Utah while visiting her grandpa, and I think it was such a fun idea to do so! I lived in Omaha for my husband’s grad school, so I’m pretty familiar with what the landscape of the midwest looks like.  And I can say that Tony Grove is pretty much the most beautiful place in Northern Utah, so it was the perfect “wow”factor Sadie was going for for her shoot.  We met up in Logan and headed up there for the perfect night.  It was perfect lighting, her outfit was so cute, her makeup was amazing (thanks to the lovely, Emily Brodock at K Salon), the wildflowers were in bloom – it literally was a picturesque evening!

Sadie is one of those girls who excels at everything she does.  While chatting on the way up, I learned she’s involved in sports and multiple clubs and activities at school.  She also is highly successful in her education, and is currently weighing her options for her college career. Sadie is not only involved in all these things – but she is kind, energetic, thoughtful, and fun.  I really enjoyed the evening with her and her mom and grandpa.  It was such a pleasant night, and I’m so glad Sadie chose me to work with for her senior pics!

Good luck on your senior year, Sadie!!

Logan Utah Photographer_4953.jpg
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Bri + Cody || Brigham City Wedding Photographer

August 10th, 2017

It was a hot and breezy day at the Brigham City Temple and a gorgeous day for Cody and Bri! These two are clearly very loved – so many people wanted pictures with them.  Especially Cody’s nieces and nephews. Bri’s family was there to celebrate all the way from Nebraska, too!  These two were so gracious to all those who came to celebrate with them.  And they are so happy together.  I loved working with them on all their shoots, and am excited to see where marriage takes them!

Logan Utah Photographer_4869.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4862.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4863.jpg
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O’Brien Family || Logan, Utah Family Photographer

August 6th, 2017

Having the grandkids visit from out of state is always a great time to update family photos! And how cute is this family?! They had fun playing during this session, and that always makes for great photos.  These grandparents are so fun with these kids, and I had fun taking their pics!

Logan Utah Photographer_4899.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4895.jpg
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Miss M || Logan, Utah Newborn Photogrpaher

August 5th, 2017

Lil Miss Maylie is such a sweetie!! Her momma and daddy and all the rest of her family were very anxiously waiting her arrival.  And she didn’t let them down! She’s beautiful, happy, and such a perfect addition to Kimberly and Dan.  I love these full circle sessions – I first worked with Kimberly and Dan on their engagements and wedding.  We recently did their maternity session.  And now her SHE is.  Perfect baby girl, and joining the perfect family for her.  I’m so happy for all of them!

Logan Utah Photographer_4874.jpg
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