Allie || Logan, Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

Allie is about to graduate, and she’s so ready to take on the world! It sounds like she may take that first step up here in Logan at Utah State, so I’m excited to see if she loves this little college town of ours! While I don’t know Allie too well, it was so fun to watch her with her momma and sister during the session. You can tell the girls in this family have a special bond, and it was sweet to see. I’m sure her lil sister is going to miss her big time when she leaves for college…. but Logan isn’t too far!

I absolutely loved this session with Allie. We thought we were going to hit the blossoms at the capitol, but we just barely missed them.  BUT…. we got bubbles and tulips instead!! I just love finding unique settings for each session I shoot.  And those end up being my favorite images from the session!

Logan Utah Photographer_5473.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5474.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5471.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5472.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5475.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5477.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5478.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5479.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5476.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5480.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5482.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5483.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5481.jpg


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