B Family || Logan, Utah Family Photographer

Family pictures with little ones are always an adventure – but it makes it even more adventurous when one of the kids gets a finger smashed before the session!! Poor Everett was not a happy camper at first, and who can blame him?! Smashed fingers stink!! But with a little coaxing, we got a few smiles out of him and saved the session! I mean, how adorable is this family together?!

I have to throw in here that Alyssa is one of the most thoughtful people I know.  When my little girl, Holland, was on expensive formula, Alyssa had found some on clearance and bought it for her! It was so sweet of her to think of us and do that because obviously she didn’t have to.  It felt good to know that another momma was watching out for us.  She’s the best!!

Logan Utah Photographer_5110.jpg
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