Darci + Nick + Kids || Davis County Family Photographer

Nick and Darci are great friends to my mom, so that makes them pretty cool people in my book.  Of course I was excited when they asked me to take some pretty special family pictures for them this year.  This family is one of the families who runs Bangerter Farms in Bountiful, but some of their farmland is about to be turned into Legacy Highway.  Nick’s family built the bridge that some of these pictures were taken on, but it will be torn down for the highway. Getting these pictures will hopefully preserve some of the memories of the family on this piece of land because I’m sure it is rich with them!

Logan Utah Photographer_5121.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5116.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5118.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5120.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5117.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5115.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5124.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5123.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5126.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5122.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5119.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5125.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5127.jpg

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