Derrick + Ausha + Arya || Utah State Captiol Blossom Photos

There’s a reason the blossoms at the Capitol are such a big deal!! They are GORGEOUS!!! I never noticed how many trees lined the building. But once you see them all in bloom, you realize they’re everywhere! So many people were there enjoying the beautiful evening and stunning tree path, but we were able to find a few spots for pictures.  Lil Miss Arya was to DIE for during this session.  Literally the epitome of a little girl – she was twirling, dancing, jumping, running…. pretty much like Rapunzel in Tangled. It was so fun. Every picture of her shows so much emotion and happiness.  She was perfect.  I always love working with her parents, too! Derrick’s proposal to Ausha a few years ago was the first engagement proposal I ever got to shoot. So every time I get to work with them, I think about how their whole little family started in that one moment.  It’s fun.  And this shoot was fun!  Now… if only we can get Cache Valley to start blooming….

Logan Utah Photographer_5441.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5442.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5440.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5443.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5444.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5445.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5446.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5447.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5448.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5449.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5450.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5451.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5452.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5453.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5454.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5455.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5456.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5457.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5458.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5459.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5460.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5461.jpg


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