Drew + Melissa + Fam || Cache Valley Fall Family Photographer

Auntie Mel and her family are the cutest family ever!! I was happy when Mel asked me to do her pictures and even volunteered to come up to Cache Valley for them.  I know way more cool spots up here since it’s where I normally shoot, and I knew I wanted to take them up the canyon to get these.   It was so perfect for them!

I love doing pictures for my family because I get to see them and spend time with them.  Mel and Drew are in a pretty unique stage of life where they have kids in every age group at home.  Watching the older girls with the little ones was so tender (and also makes me jealous….wish I had a teenage girl around to help all the time!!), and the boys are definitely the “cool” older brothers.  I’m glad I got to do these before all the fall leaves were gone.  It was such a beautiful day!

Logan Utah Photographer_5152.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5149.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5148.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5150.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5153.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5154.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5151.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5155.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5156.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5160.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5161.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5157.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5159.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5162.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5158.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5163.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5164.jpg

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