Emmaline + Jake ENGAGED!!!! || Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

After being in business for over 10 years, I FINALLY get to use everything I’ve learned to do photos for one of my younger siblings!! (I have 7…. this is a big deal, guys!!!) I have been waiting to do this for a long time,  and I was so stoked when Jake asked me to be a part of Emmaline’s engagement proposal.  Jake surprised her with his proposal during a photoshoot we were doing with the two of them (even after he accidentally told her that was the plan and then we had to convince her he wasn’t going through with it).  It was so fun crying behind the camera to get to be there for such a special moment in Slime’s life (her name is Emmaline to everyone else…. Slime to us in the family).  Jake was so sweet an romantic, and definitely nailed the proposal!  He told her shortly after they met that he would win her over, and he has.  He’s awesome!!

I shot video during the actual proposal, so I don’t have lots of pictures of that part, but we celebrated by taking some more actual engagement pictures after!! I can’t wait for all the wedding planning and for having another brother-in-law in the family!! The boys are seriously outnumbered in our family, so it’s always good to get some more boys around! I love you Emmaline and Jake!!

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