Greyson || Logan, Utah Fresh48 Hospital Photographer

Baby Greyson may have taken his time to get here, but he was worth the wait for his momma and family! When I walked in to do these pictures, his biggest sister was there in the hospital room cleaning up from sleeping over the night before.  It was so sweet that she wanted to be there with her newest little brother, and just melted my heart.  All of Greyson’s big siblings were so excited to cuddle him.  I love that we captured these little moments for this family.  These precious first few days are some of the most beautiful days in a family’s life!

Logan Utah Photographer_4760.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4761.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4763.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4762.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4764.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4767.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4766.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4765.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4768.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4769.jpg

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