H Family Station Studio Shoot || Logan, Utah Photographer

I met Kim and Chris through our ward at church, and this is a family I’m grateful we live by! They probably don’t know this, but Chis has always stood out to me at church.  He was a primary teacher when I was the pianist in the primary, and I would watch every Sunday as Chris would take the time to give special attention to one of his class members who had a hard time sitting through the three hours of church (let’s be honest…. who doesn’t have a hard time sitting through three hours of church?!).  Chris was so patient with this little one, and it was very tender to watch.  Kim and I have become fast friends since our little girls are really close in age and going through all those “fun” stages together.  One of the first times we talked was while we were both out in the hall during sacrament because of said one year olds.  Holland, my daughter, had her bottle with her.  Maia, Kim’s daughter, kept eying it.  Holland walked over towards Maia holding out her bottle as if she were going to share it.  As Maia reached for it, Holland chucked it away.  Such a little brat – but they’ve been lil friends since then! They get into all sorts of trouble together every Sunday and go on nap strikes together, too.    It will be fun to watch them grow together!

Kim wanted to get some family pictures, but with how cold it is we though it best to rent out Station Studio for the shoot! And it was perfect!! Coupled with the most adorable lil outfits on the girls, everything came together well! I am in love with the fact that we have such an amazing studio to use in the valley now for indoor photos so no more freezing cold babies and rescheduling for bad weather!  This was such a perfect session and I’m completely in love with all these pictures!!!

Logan Utah Photographer_5266.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5247.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5249.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5251.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5250.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5253.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5254.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5248.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5252.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_5259.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_5269.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5270.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5271.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5273.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5272.jpg

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