J Family || Logan, Utah Sunflower Field Family Portraits

Devyn has been coming to me for a couple years now for various sessions.  Weirdly, they have all been indoors! Since I’m primarily an outdoor, natural light photographer, it was super fun to get her and her family outside for this session! Devyn gifted her mother-in-law, Cindy, with this family session for Christmas.  (I’m biased, but I think it’s the perfect gift!!) When weather and scheduling kept us from doing the session until now, it was worth the wait for these lil golden sunflower beauties!

I think one of the best parts about doing individual family pictures during a big family picture setting is that there are grandparents and aunts and uncles to help get smiles out of the little ones! In this case, Jett was hamming it up.  It’s totally obvious that everyone absolutely loves this little guy – and I can’t blame them! He’s a heartthrob!

Logan Utah Photographer_5612.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5613.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5593.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5594.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5595.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5596.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5597.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5598.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5600.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5599.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5606.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5603.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5602.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5605.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5604.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5611.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5615.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5616.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5614.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5601.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5607.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5608.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5609.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5610.jpg


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