Logan + Evan || Logan, Utah Lifestyle Engagement Photographer

Wedding fever is in the air in my family!! First, Emmaline and Jake, and now Logan and Evan!! I am so excited to welcome Logan into our family.  There are already 7 of us sisters, but Logan will be our first sister-in-law in this crazy group of mine.

Evan and Logan met in singles ward and hit it off pretty quick (minus the part where Evan stole her parking spot…. that was her first impression of him…sounds about right….). These two are perfect for each other, and it’s pretty obvious for anyone who knows them. Logan is so refreshing to be around because of her youthful energy and kind heart.  She is so sweet and caring and definitely brings out a fun side of Evan.

These two wanted to do a lifestyle session for their engagements, so we borrowed our Aunt and Uncles house for this session. I’ve never done a lifestyle session for engagements before, so I loved being able to do something new for my brother’s shoot. I think they turned out amazing, and can’t wait to get these two back in front of my camera for their formals!

Logan Utah Photographer_5330.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5319.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_5321.jpg
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