M Family & Newborn Lifestyle Session || Logan, Utah Newborn Photographer

Diana definitely has the glow and beauty of a new (again) momma! Little Greyson surprised his family and came 4 weeks early.  He had quite the arrival into the world, complete with his mama going through transition in Sardine Canyon (OUCH!). But he’s here safely, momma is doing well, dad is happy, and sweet sister, Hartley, is still sweet as can be.  This lifestyle session was so sweet.  Diana wanted to capture the newness of her sweet boy, but include his big sister and the family in it.  Lifestyle sessions are perfect for that! She did want a few basket shots though, too, so I’m glad baby cooperated at the end of his session so we could grab one!

Logan Utah Photographer_3582.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3583.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3585.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3584.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3586.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3588.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3587.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3590.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3589.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3591.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3593.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3594.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3592.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3597.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3596.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3598.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3599.jpg

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