Morgan + Kaleb || Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

Morgan and Kaleb are one of those couples where you can tell they are best friends. After meeting in high school, and Morgan waiting for Kaleb while he served his mission, it’s their time to get married!! And I’m so excited for them.  Their engagement session went so well. Kaleb is perfect and snuggling Morgan close, and I love how that looks in pictures!

Funny story about booking their wedding.  Morgan’s dad called me the day after I had Miss Holland.  I was still in the hospital, and I think her dad was a little surprised I answered my phone after I told him! I’m so glad I did though, and glad I still get to work with these two for their formals and wedding day!
Logan Utah Photographer_3719.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3720.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3718.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3722.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_3721.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_3732.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_3726.jpg

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