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Hi! I’m Dani Christensen, owner and photographer of Dani Christensen Photography. Welcome to my site!

Dani Christensen Photography started in Logan, Utah and after moving to various parts of Utah and all the way to Omaha, Nebraska for a few years, I am now back to my Cache Valley roots!  I still love to travel so make sure to contact me for info on covering your event!

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Greyson || Logan, Utah Fresh48 Hospital Photographer

August 4th, 2017

Baby Greyson may have taken his time to get here, but he was worth the wait for his momma and family! When I walked in to do these pictures, his biggest sister was there in the hospital room cleaning up from sleeping over the night before.  It was so sweet that she wanted to be there with her newest little brother, and just melted my heart.  All of Greyson’s big siblings were so excited to cuddle him.  I love that we captured these little moments for this family.  These precious first few days are some of the most beautiful days in a family’s life!

Logan Utah Photographer_4760.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4761.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4763.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4762.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4764.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4767.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4766.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4765.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4768.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4769.jpg


Bri + Cody Formals || Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

August 3rd, 2017

We did Bri and Cody’s formal session on a perfect summer evening.  Bri’s beautiful flowing gown and dreamy bouquet paired perfectly with the happy bride to be. Cody is clearly smitten with his gal, and I loved how protective he naturally tends to be. It shows in the pictures, and it’s tender in real life. This was one of the first times I had the couple point out that I was having them stand in noxious weeds….. can you guess Cody’s major at USU? I’ll never look at “pretty locations” the same now. 🙂 Their wedding will be up in a few days!

Logan Utah Photographer_4838.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4839.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4841.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4840.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4843.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4842.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4845.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4844.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4846.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4848.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4847.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4849.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4850.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4851.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4852.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4853.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4854.jpg


Baby Baker || Logan, Utah Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

August 2nd, 2017

Baby Baker sure is a loved boy. And a handsome boy.  And a lucky boy, because he’s in an amazing family! I was so happy to meet him when his mom asked me to come do a lifestyle session for them. After being in their home for just a few minutes, it was obvious how much love and tenderness resides there.  This family is raising 4 kids under 4 right now, and one can only imagine the chaos and sacrifice that goes into that.  But also the beauty.  There were so many tender moments in the short hour I was there.  I loved shooting this session!

Logan Utah Photographer_4829.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4820.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4821.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4823.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4825.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4826.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4822.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4827.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4824.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4828.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4833.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4834.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4836.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4832.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4831.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4830.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4837.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4835.jpg


S Family || Logan, Utah Family Reunion Photographer

August 1st, 2017

Oh my gosh – this family session will always be a favorite! White barn, giant American flag, cottage houses, wheat fields…. I mean, it’s like every perfect possible picture location in one place with a gorgeous family to take pictures of! I absolutely loved everything about this family. It’s always fun to do extended family sessions because it’s always a party.  I usually do them at vacation rentals or on location, but I love taking that extra step and going to a beautiful location like this! I know one of the daughters from back in our high school days, so it was fun to see her and catch up a bit.  I just have to add that my favorite picture is probably the family pile up on grandpa – so much fun and joy in one photo!

Logan Utah Photographer_4802.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4804.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4805.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4800.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4803.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4806.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4807.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4809.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4808.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4810.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4811.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4812.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4813.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4814.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4815.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_4818.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4819.jpg


Katherine || Logan, Utah Senior Photographer

July 31st, 2017

Katherine is so beautiful! And her session was amazing.  We got off to a rocky start when my camera battery read as dead even though I knew it was charged! Luckily a quick cleaning of the sensors changed that…. but dang, working with electronics can be a killer sometimes!  After that little hiccup, everything was smooth sailing.  Katherine is a beauty in front of the camera, and has such a sweet smile. Garden Park Ward was the perfect backdrop again – I still can’t believe I had never heard of it until this last spring!  I really enjoyed everything about this session!

Logan Utah Photographer_4793.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4790.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4791.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4792.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4795.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4794.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4798.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4796.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4797.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4799.jpg