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Dani Christensen Photography started in Logan, Utah and after a bit of moving around, I’m happy to be staying put here in Cache Valley! I specialize in family, children, and high school senior photography with comfortable posing, an easy atmosphere, and an enjoyable experience!

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Marlee + Joe Engagements || Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

November 22nd, 2017

I have had so much fun working with Marlee and Joe for the engagements and formals.  And I can’t wait for their December wedding! I met up with these to for a consult a while ago, and I knew I wanted to work with them right away.  Marlee works at the same facility my husband does, so I was excited to meet her and get the inside scoop of how my husband is at work 🙂 Seeing her and Joe together, it was pretty evident that these two are made for each other.  And then working with them for this session reaffirmed that! I loved heading back to the ball field for some of these pictures because there’s something so romantic about baseball.  And Cache Valley sunsets! It was a perfect evening with these two!

Logan Utah Photographer_5196.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_5192.jpg
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Holland One Year || Logan, Utah Child Photograher

November 22nd, 2017

Well, I did it.  I made it through the first year of my hardest baby.  And I should say it’s “bitter sweet” and “#staylittle” like all the other moms, but I’m practically over here jumping on my bed for joy because she has outgrown a lot of her little things that have made her difficult over her first year!  Holland had colic and cried literally from the moment she was born til around 6 months.  She had protein sensitivity and required expensive formula constant bouncing on an exercise ball to help calm her tummy.  She was generally a pretty fussy baby for the first 10 months, and started slowly growing out of it around them.  But by her first birthday a few weeks ago, so was a whole new baby! Holland is so much more spunky now – she’s got sass (especially this last few weeks it’s really showing), and she’s generally more happy than not now.  She’s an all out walker these days.  And she’s even switched formula to a sensitive toddler one (even though she’s getting mild eczema from it). She loves playing with her brothers…. and she especially loves her dada.  She even practically ran to him when he got home the other day with her arms stretched towards him.  Of course I never get that kind of reaction, but #momlife.

Holland’s first birthday was unicorn themed, so of course I had to do a unicorn themed one year shoot!! I took the rocking horse my grandpa made for me and added a few unicorn details.  Holland was a literal angel for this shoot (there’s that new baby I was talking about). She was so sweet and happy, and it was so fun to be doing such a girly shoot for my little one!! (I have two older boys for those who don’t know me well!!). Her birthday party, despite being postponed due to our whole family being sick for her birthday, was so fun.  It was fun to celebrate for just a minute on her birthday because Holland and I share our birthday.  I’m excited to celebrate together with her for the rest of our lives!

I love you so much, lil lady!! You are the girl I wanted so bad, and I’m so glad you are mine! You bring such a light and joy to our home each day. Love you, baby girl!!

Logan Utah Photographer_5073.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5069.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5070.jpg
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Morgan + John + A Lot of BOYS || Logan, Utah Lifestyle Family Photographer

November 21st, 2017

Snuggling families in cozy clothes, playing with toys, jumping on beds, and being together in their happy homes make for the best pictures.  And going into this family’s beautiful home and capturing just a bit of their lives was no different.  John and Morgan are my step uncle and aunt, and it’s been fun watching their family grow one boy at a time.  Seeing them all together hanging out at home was a little chaotic but so awesome at the same time! Morgan literally has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint and is the best momma to this crew! And John….well, he provides the entertainment for sure (see below….).  And then there’s Gus, because no family is complete without the love of a dog!

I absolutely loved being invited into this home and taking these pictures.  I think that looking back on lifestyle pictures will be such a treasure to these kids and parents some day.  My lifestyle pics of my own little ones are my favorite, too.  They really do capture a little sliver of time.  I love doing these shoots!

Logan Utah Photographer_5166.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5167.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5168.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5169.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5170.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5173.jpg
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D Kids || Cache Valley Family and Child Photography

November 20th, 2017

I’ve loved every session I’ve done with Danica since she was one of my senior reps a few years ago.  So it was so fun when we added her handsome little bros to the mix and did these sibling pictures! These three have the cutest relationship (although their mom did tell me they fight a little more when not posing for the camera).  I loved watching them together.

I think every mom with a bunch of little babies at home dreams of the day when the babies are a little more “grown up.”  As a photographer, I tend to work a lot more with families with young little ones.  I don’t know if it’s because we as parents are a little more on top of things as far as keeping updated pictures go, or if life just happens and getting everyone together at one time is a lot more difficult with teenagers going in different directions, so it’s especially fun with shoots like these that I don’t do as often! It was a fun day with the perfect fall sunset.

Logan Utah Photographer_5100.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5091.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5092.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5093.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5095.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5097.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5098.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_5101.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_5102.jpg


Jess + Josh + Cute Kids || Cache Valley Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

October 20th, 2017

You’ll never meet a better person to give you a push through pregnancy than Jess.  I met Jess when I started attending her BirthFit class while I was pregnant with Holland.  It’s a crossfit like class that Jess is certified to teach to pregnant women and extends into a post partum class after baby comes.  I also did a pregnancy educational class with my hubby that Jess taught, and it helped me in so many ways to be prepared for labor and delivery.  So you can imagine my excitement when after having my little lady, Jess found out that she was pregnant with her first lil’ lady, too!!!

Our families are pretty similar – 2 boys, then a girl, so I loved doing these pictures for Jess and Josh and their kids.  Our kids even have pretty similar personalities (except her baby girl is super sweet…. and mine is…. well… a red head), so it was fun to work with them all and laugh about all the similarities and craziness both Jess and I are going through right now! Sweet baby Reagan was a princess for the entire session.  She was so calm and easy and just oh, so sweet! Jess and Josh just built the most beautiful house that was absolutely perfect for the shoot, and Miss Reagan’s nursery was absolutely adorable.  Her momma posts on Instagram about that swinging chair being their happy place, and I can see why!  I loved doing these pictures and cuddling baby girl.  And I loved seeing Jess as a momma to her!

Logan Utah Photographer_5006.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5007.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5009.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5008.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5010.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5011.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_5014.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_5012.jpg
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Logan Utah Photographer_5020.jpg
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