Sabrina + Josh || Logan Canyon Engagement Session

Sabrina and Josh are meant to be.  It’s undeniable.  They met in their singles ward in ALASKA after their jobs took them both there.  Josh is stationed there with the army, Sabrina works as a nanny. I had a great time taking them up the canyon and finding good spots along the way.  The canyon gets a little tricky this time of year  because you never know what’s going to be accessible in the winter! We started at First Dam (who knew there were great places to shoot there???!!), and then headed up to a campground and a pull off for the rest of the pictures. I loved that we were able to catch the afternoon light just peeking out from above the canyon mountains.  It was beautiful and cold, but perfect for these wintery engagements! Can’t wait to work with these two again for their wedding in March!

Logan Utah Photographer_4007.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4006.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4011.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4009.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4008.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4012.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4010.jpg
Logan Utah Photographer_4013.jpg

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