Zoey and Ezra Baptism || Logan, Utah Photographer

I love this time of year for my business.  Because it’s kind of the down time for family shoots and weddings, I get to focus a lot of milestone sessions that can’t wait for warmer months.  Baptisms, newborns, lifestyle sessions… I do a lot more of these right now.  Ezra and Zoey were the first of my baptism shoots this month.  I remember watching these two in our church meeting when they were brand new.  I sat there very pregnant with my first baby thinking of how cool it was that these two had each other.  Twins always sounded fun to me!! Now these little ones are almost 8 years old and getting ready for baptism!

Working with Ezra and Zoey together was so sweet.  They are adorable together and definitely have that “twin” thing going on.  They can make each other laugh on demand, and they were so funny with each other. When I did the pictures of them individually, they were both pretty shy.  But once they were together, they loosened up and just kept giggling.  It was so tender, and I loved doing this session with them!

Logan Utah Photographer_5293.jpg
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